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KMC Joins Thiess To Win Major Oil Sands Contract

October 6, 2016

KMC has been awarded a major contract with a Canadian energy company in the Alberta oil sands sector.

KMC established a joint venture with Thiess, CIMIC Group’s global mining services provider, to deliver the services for this contract.

The agreement will generate potential revenue to the Thiess KMC joint venture of up to C$840 million. The scope of works over 51 months includes the supply, operation and maintenance of equipment in Alberta’s Athabasca region.

KMC entered the Alberta oil sands sector in 1973 and this contract extends KMC’s scope and presence in this challenging, but rewarding, sector.

KMC is one of Canada's largest contract miners with significant assets, knowledge and understanding in the oil sands sector and, together with Thiess’ global strength, experience and technical capability, this combination provides an important foundation for our future success.

KMC Awarded Mining Contract At Quarry In Western Alberta

June 15, 2016

KMC’s plan to diversify its customer base and to expand geographically outside of the oil sands sector has proven successful. KMC was awarded a shale mining contract at a quarry in western Alberta that will involve relocation of certain personnel and resources from our existing customer sites.

The scope of work includes construction of an access road, placement of a rock drain, preparation of a dump foundation and the subsequent mining of waste material and shale in a pushback phase of an existing operation.

KMC’s project management skills in the oil sands sector was transferrable to this project and provided opportunities for our trained workforce while the effects of the devastating Alberta wildfires were still being felt.

CNRL Reclamation

November 16, 2015

KMC Mining is pleased to announce the recent award of a contract to KMC Mining by Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. For the 2015-2016 Winter Reclamation Material Salvage and Placement Program.

The project consists of the salvage of approximately 500,000 BCM of reclamation material with a project duration of approximately eight weeks beginning in late November.

This is an incredibly exciting award for KMC as it marks the diversification of our customer base and the return to a project site that we were on originally in 2003 performing mine development work.

Syncrude Contract

August 17, 2015

KMC Mining and Graham Industrial Services have joined together under the banner of GKJV to perform work at Syncrude Canada Limited, and we have been awarded a five year contract for reclamation, overburden, and project services.

The five year term of contract may be extended for an additional 3 years based on mutual agreement of the parties.

We are very pleased to have been provided the opportunity to continue our working relationship with Syncrude under the GKJV umbrella. Combined, both KMC Mining and Graham Industrial have over 40 plus years direct oil sands experience and have been successful service suppliers to Imperial Oil, with a keen understanding of current site expectations related to safety, quality, logistics, and the operating environment.

A Day in KMC History - November 17, 1973

November 17, 2014

What were you doing 41 years ago today? Many of you may not have any memory of this day at all! November 17, 1973 was a milestone date in KMC Mining history. It was on this day in 1973 that TA Klemke & Son started working in the oilsands sector for Bechtel Corp on the Syncrude site.

Previously, Klemke had already completed the last leg of Highway 63 to make it a year round access to Fort McMurray and then moved on to completion of the Dempster Highway and a mining scope of work at Anvil Mine in the Yukon Territories. The trucks, excavators and dozers used on the highway jobs were ideal for the initial clearing and site preparation of the Mildred Lake site for Syncrude Canada. The lessons learned while building Highway 63 were very useful in developing mining techniques for the removal of muskeg and the construction of the initial starter dyke at Syncrude.

Since its inception Syncrude has produced over 2.4 billion barrels of high quality, low sulphur crude oil. KMC continues to be a leader in developing efficient mining techniques for larger equipment, including 42 cu. metre capacity shovels and 320 Ton trucks. Every KMC employee can take pride in the fact that we had a part to play in this amazing story.

Kearl Safety

May 8, 2014

On May 8, 2014 at the 2014 WCMP Safety Forum, Lisa Waters, Vice President at Exxon Mobil Development Company– Western Canada Major Projects presented K2 Mining (KMC Mining—Peter Kiewit Joint Venture) with the 2013 Contractor of the Year Award for work associated with the Kearl Expansion Project & Kearl Tailings at the Kearl Oil Sands Project. This is the fourth time in five years that K2 Mining has received this recognition for its safety performance at an ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil site.

The safety culture that has been created at K2 is truly world class. In particular, the involvement of the workforce through the CVIS (Craft Voice in Safety) program has been instrumental in reducing hazards on the Kearl site and promoting peer-to-peer intervention to eliminate at-risk behaviours.

K2 Mining has certainly adopted Imperial Oil’s vision and goal of "Nobody Gets Hurt".

Congratulations to K2 Mining employees!

Allan Flemming

Syncrude President's Award

April 15, 2014

On March 18, 2014, Syncrude Canada Ltd awarded KMC Mining with Syncrude Canada's President's Safety Award for Contractor Safety Performance in 2013.

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Imperial Oil/Exxon mobil president's award 

May 13, 2013

On May 8, 2013, Chris Allard Senior Project Manager for Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil presented K2 Mining (KMC Mining—Peter Kiewit Joint Venture) with the 2012 President’s SSH&E Award for Best in Class Achievements in SSH&E Performance for work associated with the Kearl Expansion Project & Kearl Tailings at the Kearl Oil Sands Project. In addition, K2 Mining received the Guiding Spirit Award for best safety performance at the Kearl Oil Sands Project. This is the third time in four years that K2 Mining has received this award.

The safety performance at K2 Mining has been outstanding with no Recordable Injuries over the past three million hours worked (more than 650 days).  A safety culture has been developed on site to reduce hazards and promote peer to peer interventions with the goal of  “Nobody Gets Hurt”.

As part of the awards ceremony Dan Klemke also received special recognition for his contribution to safety and leadership in the oilsands industry.

The continued recognition of KMC’s contribution to safety improvement in the Fort McMurray area is a testament to our employee’s desire to create a safe working environment. Congratulations to KMC employees!

Allan Flemming


Syncrude President's Award

March 28, 2013

On March 28, 2013, Syncrude Canada Ltd. President Scott Sullivan awarded KMC Mining with the Syncrude Canada President’s Safety Award. The award was in recognition for the improvement in safety performance that was achieved at our Syncrude site over the past year.

This is the second time that KMC has been received this award and reinforces the success and achievements that were made in 2012. The Syncrude team worked the entire 2012 year without a Lost Time Injury and reduced our Recordable Injury Frequency Rate by over 50%.

This award is another milestone in our Zero Harm program and is proof that we are making significant improvements in removing hazards from our workplace.

Congratulations to everyone who helped make Syncrude site a safer place to work and a place where NOBODY GETS HURT is our goal.

Allan Flemming


KMC Featured in E&MJ Report

May 25, 2012

KMC Mining was recently featured in the E&MJ, Engineering & Mining Journal, Global Business Reports for Mining in Alberta dated April 2012.  This article featured photos and quotes from Dan Klemke, CEO of KMC Mining.  For more information visit www.e-mj.com.

Kearl Safety

June 9, 2011

On June 9, 2011, K2 Mining (KMC Mining—Peter Kiewit Joint Venture) was awarded the 2010 President's SSH&E Award for Best in Class Achievements in SSH&E Performance for work associated with the Kearl Initial Development Project at the Kearl Oil Sands Project. This is the second year in a row that K2 Mining has received the highest safety award in the ExxonMobil Major Projects portfolio.

The continued recognition of KMC's contribution to safety improvement in the Fort McMurray area is a testament to our employee's desire to create a safe working environment. Congratulations to KMC employees!

Allan Flemming


Kearl Safety

June 29, 2010

On June 29, 2010 at the inaugural Imperial Oil Western Canada Annual Safety Forum in Fort McMurray, K2 (KMC Mining – Peter Kiewit Joint Venture) was recognized with an award for Safety Leadership on the Kearl Project. The award was presented to K2 leadership team by Mr. Bob Delaney, Project Executive - Major Projects and Mr. Chris Allard, Senior Project Manager for Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil.   The award is a soap stone carving of an eagle that represents leadership in the aboriginal culture. The award was presented to the company that demonstrated strong leadership traits toward Safety and the Environment.  They specifically recognized K2 for our innovation pertaining to our Environmental Stewardship program, our efforts in the implementation of the Heavy Haul/Light Vehicle isolation program and most importantly, setting the site standard for the creation, development, and execution of the Observation/Intervention program.

It should be noted that K2 Mining was chosen from all current major projects for Imperial Oil in Western Canada. During the acceptance of the award K2 received a standing ovation for their efforts.


Congratulations Dan Klemke

October 14, 2010

On October 14, 2010 Dan Klemke, Chief Executive Office - KMC Mining, was presented with Ernst and Young’s Prairies Region “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in the Energy-Externally Funded Equity category.

This prestigious award is based on Dan’s business and personal accomplishments through recent challenging and rewarding periods of growth.  His entrepreneurial spirit combined with his creativity in management, strategic direction, innovation, and his personal integrity are many of the unique qualities that represent Dan and how he leads his team.

The employees of KMC Mining are very proud of Dan for this accomplishment as he is a most deserving recipient of this Award and we would like to take this opportunity to extend special congratulations to an extraordinary individual.

Al Flemming


KMC aquires assets of Cross Oilsands Contracting Ltd

April 12, 2010

On April 12, 2010 KMC acquired all the assets of Cross Oilsands Contracting Ltd. Cross provided oil sands contracting services to clients active in the development of the Alberta oil sands. Services offered by Cross included overburden removal, site reclamation, site preparation, general maintenance and equipment rentals. The acquisition of the Cross assets enabled KMC to further diversify its fleet, and pursue a broader range of contract mining opportunities. 


Syncrude Presidents Award

March 26, 2010

On March 26, 2010 KMC Mining was awarded the Syncrude Presidents Award for Safety for Large Contractors. Tom Katinas, Syncrude’s President and CEO made the presentation at the annual safety function in which representatives of all of the contractors working on the Syncrude site are in attendance.

Although the award has a reputation for being a curse (previous recipients had subsequently had a significant safety/performance incident) the effort achieved by KMC Mining is a result of hard work to raise safety performance standards.

At the Syncrude site, KMC has seen a 70% reduction in both First Aid and Medical Aid incidents in the past year.


Allan Flemming


Celebrating Great Solutions

April, 2008

KMC Mining had a artical featured in Tracks & Treads magazine 
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K2 Mining

April 24, 2008

April 24, 2008 KMC Mining has entered into a joint venture with Peter Kiewit Sons’, known as K2 Mining, to complete a work package issued by Imperial Oil on the Kearl Oilsands site. The joint venture partners believe this will be the first of many projects completed on the site.


KMC Mining Corporation Investment Announcement

March, 2008

TriWest Capital Partners of Calgary, Alberta (“TriWest”) is pleased to announce that it has invested in KMC Mining Corporation (“KMC”) in partnership with KMC’s senior management team, Alberta Investment Management Corp. (“AIMCo”), ATB Investment Management Inc. (“ATB Investment Management”) and Kensington Capital Partners Limited (“Kensington”).

KMC has been in business for almost sixty years. For over thirty years, the company’s primary focus has been the open pit mining sector of the Canadian oil sands. KMC has been involved in a wide range of mining activities including site preparation, tailings dyke and haul road construction, overburden removal, reclamation, crushing and hauling ore.

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