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Environmental Management Program


KMC Mining is committed to the principles of sound environmental stewardship, including sustainable development, pollution prevention, environmental protection and enhancement. These principles provide a foundation for the formulation and implementation of all operational plans.

KMC Mining is also committed to upholding the highest standards when it comes to protecting the environment and adhering to waste management regulations. Personnel are trained in spill management, waste water management and proper use, storage and disposal of hazardous and/or contaminated materials through the Dangerous Products and Materials Handling safe work procedure, Spill Protection Emergency Preparedness guidelines and through our WHIMIS program. KMC Mining will follow the guidelines set forth by our client to ensure we have 100% compliance with site and controlling government regulations.

All KMC employees are trained on the requirements surrounding wildlife on the worksite. Employees are trained that wildlife are a vital part of the ecosystem and will have priority in our work areas. Employees will take care to ensure that wildlife interactions are kept at a minimum and will be trained in how to interact



KMC Mining will take all reasonable steps to prevent environmental incidents or damage from occurring. Pre-use inspections (walk-around) will be conducted on all equipment each shift and any deficiencies in the equipment will be reported to supervision immediately to ensure leaks are diagnosed and controlled.

Spill response equipment is utilized to safely contain and mitigate any fluid (fuel, oils, coolant, etc.) spills from equipment. Spills will be cleaned up utilizing spill kits, spill pads, and excavating contaminated soils which will be relocated to an appropriate designated area for waste material.

An Equipment Leak Prevention Program for Greenfield operations has been developed to ensure our operation does not have a greater impact on the environment than is necessary for the work being performed. This program encompasses preventative maintenance programs, daily inspections, incident investigations and a zero spills program.



KMC Mining is also committed to ensuring that our work activities are in line with the interests of the local community. KMC has worked with our clients to perform reclamation activities to ensure long-term reclamation and land use planning is carried out effectively. We understand that the areas we work in must be returned to a state which supports the local heritage and culture of the people in the area.

As an associate member of the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association, KMC Mining has the desire to work with the Aboriginal community to promote business development within our work regions. Support for the community in which we work will always be a priority to the corporation and we will work to ensure our company continues to be a positive contributor to the areas in which we conduct our business.



KMC Mining is proud of the role it plays in assisting clients in returning the land to productive use after the mining process is completed. KMC has been involved in numerous projects relating to the reclamation of areas across Western Canada during its history of operations.

We stand by our commitment to adhere to the highest environmental standards by minimizing the effect of our operations on the natural environment and preserving cultural, historical, or fossilized artifacts discovered as a result of our activities.


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