Syncrude Mildred Lake Mining and Heavy Civil Project

KMC was instrumental in the construction of the Syncrude site starting in 1973. The relationship matured and continued as KMC commenced overburden removal for Syncrude in 1978. Over 30 years later KMC continues to provide value-added mining services to Syncrude.

Since 1991, KMC has worked under long-term (five-year) renewable contracts with Syncrude completing projects at Base Mine, North Mine and the Aurora Mine. KMC has a permanent maintenance, warehouse/office facility located on the Base Mine site, which necessary support to KMC’s operations.

During the long-standing relationship with Syncrude, KMC has completed work in most facets of oil sands operations from overburden removal to re-contouring if reclaimed land. Although overburden removal has been the primary job, KMC has provided solutions wherever Syncrude requested assistance.

KMC has provided resources to remove plant and dragline rejects, haul coke and aggregate and construct haul roads, overpasses and jetties. The rental of Our equipment has also helped provide the owner with resources necessary to keep their operation running on schedule.

Project Details

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Description: Base Mine Overburden Removal

Services: Insert

Completion Date: Ongoing

Owner: Syncrude Canada Ltd.