DK Headshot

Dan Klemke Executive Chairman

Dan Klemke

Dan was appointed to the position of Executive Chairman in October 2019 after having served as KMC’s Chief Executive Officer since March 2008. Dan joined the Company in 1969 and has held various operations and leadership roles, including Foreman, Superintendent, Estimator, Project Manager, Executive Vice President, President, and CEO. With over 44 years of experience, Dan has numerous credentials related to surface mining and the oilsands industry. Additionally, he is a past board member of the Alberta Chamber of Resources and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta.


Craig Dirk President and Chief Executive Officer

Craig Dirk, P.Eng

Craig joined KMC Mining in October 2010 as Chief Operating Officer. He was appointed President in 2018 and then became Chief Executive Officer in October 2019. Craig has over 35 years of industry experience, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Alberta, and has an ICD designation. Additionally, Craig has sat on several boards, including P&H Canada, the Ridley Port Authority, the Coal Association of Canada, and several volunteer boards. Prior to joining KMC Mining, Craig held senior positions with Western Canadian Coal, P&H MinePro Services, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, and Fording Coal.

Bryn Jones Headshot

Bryn Jones Chief Financial Officer

Bryn Jones

Bryn was appointed Chief Financial Officer for KMC in 2019 after spending four years as the CFO of a private equity-backed oilfield services company in the Edmonton Area. He is a professional Accountant, having obtained a CMA, CA, and CPA designations with senior-level experience in a variety of industries since leaving public practice 20 years ago. His expertise includes local rural government, construction materials, oilfield services, and manufacturing and distribution. Bryn holds a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Alberta.

Bill K Headshot

Bill Koehn Vice President, Operations

Bill Koehn, M.Eng, P.Eng

Bill joined KMC in 2020 as an executive consultant. After a short period, he was positioned as the Vice President, Operations, overseeing all of the KMC’s operational activities focusing on value creation through execution. He has an extensive background in the heavy construction and mining industry, bringing over three decades of industry experience to KMC. Bill holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree and a Master of Construction Engineering and Management from the University of Alberta.

Jared Katerenchuk Headshot

Jared Katerenchuck Vice President, Maintenance and Assets

Jared Katerenchuk, P.Eng

Jared joined KMC in 2011 as a Mining Engineer and has grown his career to be Vice President, Technical Services as of 2020. In 2022, he has become the Vice President, Maintenance and Assets. He started his tenure at KMC in the corporate office, providing planning, cost estimating, budget preparation, and engineering support to the Company’s operations. Jared progressed through the ranks from Senior Mining Engineer, Operations Manager, and General Manager of KMC’s operations in Northern Alberta. Before his current role, Jared filled a Vice President, Operations and Director, Business Development and Engineering position, focusing on growth opportunities. Currently, Jared oversees all of the Company’s business development, bidding and technical services activities and is responsible for delivering safe, efficient, and reliable mining services to our customers. Jared holds a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering degree from the University of Alberta.

Andrea Bauer Headshot

Andrea Bauer Director, Asset Management

Andrea Bauer, P.Eng

Andrea developed her passion for mining from her family’s roots in the business. These family ties led her to join KMC as a summer student before university graduation and have shaped her 20-year career in the Company in specialized roles. Andrea spent considerable time as Mine Performance Engineer at KMC’s operations in Northern Alberta and quickly progressed to Manager then Director of Technical Services. In 2019, she added the responsibility of Asset Management to her role. In her various positions with KMC, she has led strategic teams for Continuous Improvement, Project Estimating, and Asset Management. Andrea holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining and Mineral Engineering) from the University of Alberta and has been part of several industry committees, including being Chairperson of the Large Tire Users Group of the Surface Mining and Research Technology (SMART) organization.

Moe Farhat Headshot

Moe Farhat General Manager, HR-LR

Moe Farhat

Moe joined KMC in 2010 as HR/LR Generalist. He went on to become the Manager of HR/LR, followed by the Director of Health, Safety, Training and HR/LR. Moe moved to a General Manager, Suncor Operations role in 2021. Moe has extensive experience managing various on-site and corporate office teams, leading him to the desire to move into operations. Moe has developed and managed multiple teams across several business units, including executive management, human resources, labour relations and health and safety. Moe has been a leader in developing corporate policies for KMC employees that meet and exceed customer requirements. Moe received a Bachelor of Commerce focusing on Management, Organizational Behavior, International Business, and Human Resources from Grant McEwan University in 2010. Moe has been a Director of Borealis Counselling Services (formerly PSN) and sits as an Advisor to the International Union of Operating Engineers Pension and health/wellness Fund.

Steve Engler Headshot

Steve Engler Director, Information Services

Steve Engler

Steve joined KMC in 2001 as Information Technology Manager and advanced to Director, Information Services in 2015. Steve has been instrumental in creating the exclusive systems and processes that have allowed KMC to expand across customer sites, business models, and organizational structures. His 20 years of experience has aided in the development of an integrated proprietary system with a third-party ERP system to provide seamless access to information throughout accounting, supply chain, maintenance, operations, human resources, and management functions. Also, his expertise has enabled the Company to provide innovative and leading-edge technology to control and manage KMC’s systems in real-time. Steve holds a Bachelor of Applied Information and Technology from NAIT and is a Microcomputer Specialist from Grant McEwan University.