Suncor Overburden Mining and Heavy Civil Project

Suncor Energy’s oil sands mining operation is located approximately 25 km north of the the City of Fort McMurray. The climate in the area varies from +30˚C in the summer months to below -30˚C during the winter months.

KMC first started working for Suncor Energy Inc in 1979. Since that time, a number of projects and equipment rental options have been provided to the client. In 2011 KMC successfully bid a long-term (five-year) renewable contract. The contract includes overburden removal and dyke construction, and includes rental equipment as needed to the owner. To undertake the contract, KMC has built a semi-permanent maintenance and office facility at the Steepbank Mine site. This facility brings efficiencies to the operation by placing all job personnel in one office complex. Start-up meetings, training programs and the mine dry all operate under one roof allowing all employees to interact and serve as a team. The adjacent workshop allows for major
maintenance activity on-site contributing to increased operating time and higher productivity.

Since the inception of the contract in 2002 KMC has moved over 200 million Bank Cubic Meters (“BCM”) of material in the Millennium and Steepbank Mines.

In addition to overburden removal services, KMC has also performed hydro transport rejects removal, tailings pond construction, haul road construction, soil salvage, and other various light and heavy civil contracting services.

In January 2006, KMC was awarded the Suncor President’s Operational Excellence Award in recognition of employees and contractors who achieve the highest standards of performance in Environment, Health and Safety

Project Details

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Service: Pre-Development; Mine Development

Completion Date: 2002 to Present

Owner: Suncor Energy Inc.