Reclamation is a process that performed during the entire life cycle of a mine. Many owners will outsource reclamation contracts to companies with experience and knowledge of the process, which gives KMC a leading position in this service.

Customers Served

  • Imperial Oil
  • Suncor
  • Syncrude
  • Cameco
  • Shell
  • Teck

Muskeg / Topsoil Removal and Placement

KMC has the gear and knowledge to deliver muskeg and topsoil removal and placement services. Our team can bring our innovative approaches to ensure low cost and high production quantities.

Site Remediation

KMC can perform large-scale and complex site remediation projects, high wall sloping and environmental construction. We can remediate any location to meet client and regulatory requirements.

Soil Salvaging / Placement

KMC has the equipment and expertise to perform soil salvaging and placement. Our extensive dozer fleet and innovative approaches allows for high production volumes.