Celebrating 70 years of Success

As with most great things, KMC started with humble beginnings. Over 70 years ago, T.A. (Ted) Klemke began a business providing the equipment and workers required to build irrigation ditches and roads in southern Saskatchewan and Alberta. Klemke, and later his son, Jack, became known for conducting business with integrity and delivering on promises. 

KMC saw steady growth through the 1950s and ’60s, with services expanding to include digging and hauling for various types of mines, such as coal, gold, diamonds, and uranium, throughout Western Canada and the Northwest Territories. In the early 1970s, KMC saw its future in the Alberta oil sands. For more than 40 years, the company has completed contract work in Fort McMurray, mainly removing overburden and ore and building earthen structures for the mines. 

Since 1973, KMC has successfully partnered and completed projects with every major oil sands producer. No other mining contractor can mirror KMC’s prominent track record.

Sustainability and Innovation

In the increasingly complex energy industry, KMC continues to demonstrate to our clients, employees, and partners that we offer a purpose that goes beyond our economics and productivity. In particular, there needs to be a strong desire to see real proof of our commitment to sustainability, continuous improvement, and innovation.

KMC has been active in the enhancement of the energy business via research and development since the 1980s, at the industry level and in-house. We are members of the following task forces and user groups:

  • Alberta Chamber of Resources (National Task Force on Oil Sands)
  • Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority 
  • Surface Mine Association – Research Technology (SMART Program)
  • Alberta Mine Safety Association
  • Truck/Shovel and Large Tire User Group

Also, KMC has invested in visionary technologies to provide innovative solutions to our clients, such as:

  • Proprietary information management systems to monitor critical equipment and mining performance in real-time
  • Implementation of Idle management best practices which have reduced fuel consumption by over 10 million liters per year
  • Our innovative high-volume low-density truck body has a 40-60% advantage over conventional bodies

These are just a few methods that KMC is utilizing to reduce our environmental footprint and to help lower greenhouse gases within the oil sands region.

Our Vision

At KMC Mining, our vision is to be the premier contracting company in the mining industry, specializing in large scale mining. Our commitment to excellence will ensure our customers, employees and stakeholders regard us as the partner of choice.

Our Mission

At KMC Mining, our mission is to provide safe, reliable, cost effective mining and related services and expertise to our customers and the industry. We will achieve this through a safe, highly skilled and empowered workforce that is committed to excellence in all aspects of our business.

Guiding Principles and Values

  • WE WILL adhere to the highest Safety and Environmental standards.
  • WE WILL uphold the highest levels of business ethics.
  • WE WILL provide value to our customers.
  • WE WILL lead by example.
  • WE WILL do it right.

Adhering to these guidelines and “doing things right” will result in the safety, productivity, profitability, and job security we require.

Dedicated people are our strength, and together we will strive for excellence in all that we do.