Suncor South Tailings Pond Starter Dyke Project

KMC Mining successfully bid for the construction of Suncor’s South Tailings Pond starter dyke. The construction program began in February 2005 and was completed in June 2006.

KMC assisted in constructability reviews of dyke design and provided materials management control of source materials for the various dyke zones.

The project included over 1.2 M BCM of muskeg material that was excavated in both winter and summer conditions and an additional 10.1 M BCM of compacted fill material in the dyke. The total volume of 11.3M BCM was moved in 18 months. Haul distances during the project varied from 3 km to 12 km. The total footprint of the dyke is approximately 1600Ha.

KMC completed the structure on time and met engineering specifications of all construction materials.

KMC continues to construct internal and external dyke structures at Suncor, achieving higher capture rates of construction materials than historical levels.

Project Details

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Service: Pond Construction

Completion Date: 2006

Owner: Suncor Energy Inc.