Teck Fording River Pit Bottom Mining

Teck Coal’s Fording River operation is located 29 kilometres northeast of the community of Elkford, in southeastern British Columbia.

In June 2010, KMC was awarded a project which included pit bottom mining of the coal seam along with overburden removal and all related mine services in the Henretta and Eagle 6 pits. The original contract was to be for 6 months, however due to KMC’s unique equipment fleet and our ability to perform safely and in a cost effective manner, the contract was extended and lasted a total of 22 months.

The key challenge to this particular project was the scarce availability of local labour forces. KMC overcame this challenge and was able to safely ramp- up production over a short time frame using labour sourced from across the country and effectively managed this remote workforce, managing travel and accommodations for the project.

The total volume of material moved for the contract was 11.8M BCM with production rates as high at 25K BCM/day.

Project Details

Location: Elk Valley, British Columbia

Service: Mining and Coal Recovery

Completion Date: 2012

Owner: Teck Coal