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Loading Tools

KMC owns a large range of loading equipment. Ranging from small construction excavators to large hydraulic shovels, our loading equipment is primarily driven through the use of hydraulic fluid and diesel engines. Our large shovels are used to move earth, and fast, and excavators big and small are used in a large variety of applications. KMC is involved in civil construction type projects, road and structure building, reclamation and reject related activities that require all different sizes of loading tools to complete. These applications in the mining industry put hard demands on hydraulic excavators and it takes sturdy equipment to stand up to the challenge.

KMC has played an important role in the development of the ultra size shovels, through joint development between KMC and Demag/Komatsu in Germany. What is now known as the PC8000 shovel was built as prototypes (H685 and H740) and brought to the Oilsands. At the time they were the largest in the world.

PC2000 Excavator

PC2000 excavator loading a Caterpillar 789 (200T) Haul Truck.

Haul Trucks

KMC owns a large selection of haul trucks that range in size from a small 30 Ton Articulated Truck to our large 930E (320 ton) Fleet. Primarily KMC utilizes its’ haul fleet in the oil sands in large overburden mining operations, but our fleet is also seen hauling reject material away from the Oilsands plants, moving material to create haul roads, and hauling dried mature fine tailings material from which the oil has been removed. In some cases, a loaded haul truck is even utilized to compact the material that it is travelling over as roads and dams are built and therefore holds a dual purpose during operation.


KMC owned the first three Caterpillar 789 (200 Ton) trucks operated in North America and through its maintenance practices have had some 789 trucks still running productively with in excess of 100,000 hours. Our equipment runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. The loaded weight of a haul truck can be over 1 million pounds, similar to a Boeing 747.

Komatsu 930E

Komatsu 930E (320T) and Caterpillar (250T) Haul Trucks being loaded by a PC8000 shovel on the Suncor site.



A dozer is a multi-functional piece of equipment and the dozer fleet is a major component of all facets of KMC operations. Dozers have a large variety of functions including: assisting our loading tools, cleaning the pit, creating lifts or leveling piles on dumps, and a number of other earth shaping functions.

Each is equipped with a blade that is capable of pushing large quantities of material. Many have attached rippers to loosen compacted material, or even have tires attached behind them to drag and promote frost.

As part of KMC’s desire to maintain a fleet that best complements the needs of our clients, KMC was the first company in the world to take delivery of a D9N model Dozer.

Komatsu Dozer

D41, D61, and D85 Komatsu Dozer on CNRL Horizon Site.


A grader for all intents and purposes has one function and that is to create a flat surface as it travels over an area. In KMC’s operation this can serve more than one area of the business, but primarily one would see graders maintaining the haul roads for our truck fleet to travel over. Road maintenance is essential to day-to-day operations.

Not only does a properly maintained road allow us to run more efficiently just as a smooth, level highway allows a person to get to their destination faster, but it also reduces the wear and tear on our machinery and removes rocks that may damage tires. An individual truck tire may cost in excess of $60,000.

Caterpillar 24M Motor Grader

Caterpillar 24M Motor Grader



KMC Mining has relied on its strong and committed team to become a driving force behind extending its tire life in the oil sands.  KMC has weathered three worldwide tire shortages in its history, a testament to the innovative and tireless efforts from all departments, continually improving best practices and being a force behind current leading edge technology.  This success has set KMC apart as it continues to build on its world class tire management programs.

On October 29, 2013 KMC achieved a milestone, extending the life of one of its 4000R57 tires to failure at 17,343 hours and 206,047 kilometers.  This tire ran for approximately 3 1/2 years.

In 2006 tire life was more critical than ever.  As competitors parked capable trucks on blocks due to a worldwide shortage of tire inventory KMC took definitive action and introduced a game-changing strategy to help KMC continue rolling forward.  With only one new tire on the ground KMC's creative team recognized the importance of maximizing tire life and our Tire Incentive Program was born.  Still in effect today, the Tire Incentive Program rewards our valued operators and tire crew based on key performance indicators for tire life.  The program was highly successful and quickly set KMC apart in achieving milestones in tire life.

Volvo Loader

Volvo loader outfitted with a tire manipulator carrying a 4000R57 tire, which are used on 200 to 250 ton haul trucks.

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