Contract Mining

Overburden mining is the ongoing process of providing access to the ore throughout the life of a mine as it continues to develop. While one section of ore is being mined and delivered to the plant for processing, additional areas are having the overburden and interburden removed to provide access for continued ore recovery. KMC has performed this work in some of the harshest mining conditions with challenges encountered, such as high rolling resistance and cold weather factors. Finding solutions to these challenges has enabled us to continue to provide services to the region for over 45 years.

Customers Served

  • Suncor
  • Syncrude
  • Teck
  • Imperial Oil
  • CNRL

Overburden Removal

KMC has the fleet and expertise to perform contract mining. Our team is experienced in all areas of contract mining from pit advancement, high wall pullback through to dump management.

Ore Mining

From heavy civil mining with large fleet to pit bottom mining construction with a medium and small fleet, KMC has the depth of experience to perform these varieties of services.

Haul Road Construction

Haul roads are an important component on a mine site. Heavy civil equipment need a quality road to ensure productive haul times when mining material. KMC understands this more than many and knows what it takes to construct a safe and efficient haul road.

Access / Haul Road Maintenance

A quality road increases mining productivity. KMC has the gear and knowledge to maintain a variety of road sizes and specifications to meet client and project demands.

Tailings Management

KMC has the fleet and expertise to maintain tailings management on our client’s mine sites. We bring innovations to this area of work to deliver low cost mining solutions.

Contract Mining Projects

Suncor Overburden Mining and Heavy Civil Project

Kearl Initial Development Project

Kearl Expansion Project

Syncrude Mildred Lake Mining and Heavy Civil Project