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KMC has an excellent historical safety record and we work with our employees to continually set high safety standards.  New employees receive a thorough orientation that primarily focuses on maintaining a safe work environment.  Further to this, our comprehensive Safety Manual details policies and procedures for our main activities and provides reinforcement to our on-the-job training.  

In 2002, we introduced a behavioral-based safety program (PASS) to further improve the company’s safety performance. Employee acceptance of the program was outstanding and continues to result in a positive improvement to safety performance. In 2013, KMC moved to a Zero Harm philosophy that focused on hazard and risk reduction. This in conjunction with the philosophy of visible felt leadership and the workforce engagement facilitated by the Craft Voice in Safety (CVIS) processes have resulted in a safe and productive work environment.

We are an active member in the Partners in Injury Reduction program in partnership with the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) and have an effective Return to Work program fully supported by the WCB.

KMC has received industry recognition for its efforts in improving and promoting a safe working environment. KMC has been awarded Suncor’s President, Syncrude’s President, and Exxon Mobil Guiding Spirit Awards as a result of its drive to improve in safety performance throughout its operations.

Our biggest focus, though, is on providing our employees with a workplace where hazards are identified, then mitigated or eliminated so that we achieve the goal of zero injuries. The company believes fundamentally, it is okay not to know, but not okay not to ask.


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