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Aurora Tailings Management Program

Civil Earthwork Construction

Project Details


Fort McMurray, Alberta

Project Description:

Civil Earthwork Construction   

Project Value:

$ 18,500,000

Completion Date:



Imperial Oil Limited

KMC worked for the EPCM contractor, WorleyParsonCord, performing the civil earthworks and site services for the Aurora Tailings Management Project. The work consisted of the construction of light vehicle roads, earth foundations for buildings and pipe structures, road capping with aggregates, road stabilization using concrete blocks and horizontal drilling and installation of pipe sleeves beneath active haul roads. Some of the work involved construction on the main Aurora Dyke utilizing tailings sand. Adherence to the design was critical with KMC self-performing quality assurance and control.

Site services during the contract period involved snow removal, dust control, fuel supply and dewatering of all areas under construction.


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