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Mildred Lake

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Fort McMurray, Alberta

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Development of Haul Road

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Syncrude Canada Ltd

Syncrude Canada’s Mildred Lake mine is located approximately 30 kilometres north of the city of Fort McMurray in northeastern Alberta. KMC was instrumental in the construction of the Syncrude site starting in 1973. The relationship matured and continued as KMC commenced overburden removal for Syncrude in 1978. Over 30 years later KMC continues to provide value-added mining services to Syncrude.

During the long-standing relationship with Syncrude, KMC has completed work in most facets of oil sands operations from overburden removal to re-contouring of reclaimed land.

In 2010 and 2011 KMC was awarded the construction of haul roads at the Mildred Lake mine. This haul road construction was a combination of traditional construction utilizing aggregates as well as perfecting the process of the use of chemical products that physically transform the traits of clay materials. The road sub-base is constructed per usual specifications, however, rather than using a coarse aggregate road topping which has limited availability in the area, native clay materials are blended with an environmentally safe chemical material that binds and hardens the clay forming an impermeable road surface that requires limited ongoing maintenance.

The initial proposal for the 2011 was $7.9M, however, due to KMC’s ingenuity and use of non-traditional tools in the mining environment, the final value of the work was $5.3M.


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