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Fort McMurray, Alberta

Project Description:

Muskeg River Mine

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Albian Sands Energy Ltd

KMC performed critical infrastructure development to help get the Muskeg River Mine underway by constructing haul roads and grading of the plant-site. From October 1999 to April 2000, KMC moved 5.7 million cu. metres of muskeg and topsoil material under challenging work conditions.

Removal of muskeg in the oil sands mining areas is scheduled during winter months and requires specialized operating techniques. KMC’s experience has developed the expertise to ensure muskeg removal is completed in an effective and safe manner.

KMC was able to mobilize additional equipment from its nearby operations to meet Albian’s construction schedule despite an increase in volumes of 270%.



Since 1991, KMC has worked under long-term (five-year) renewable contracts with Syncrude completing projects at Base Mine, North Mine and the Aurora Mine. KMC has a permanent maintenance, warehouse/office facility located on the Base Mine site, which provides necessary support to KMC’s operations.